As the country begins to reopen, we must continue to make sure our premises, our customers and our workforce are kept safe and free from COVID-19. The key to a safe return to work is the integration of the Government’s Work Safely Protocol (previously the Return to Work Protocol) into your business’ Risk Assessment. Not  adhering to the public health guidelines could leave your business open to negligence claims if an employee or customer falls ill. There is also potential visits from the WRC and the HSA to consider. We can help you to implement steps to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. We will work with you, and your employees, to develop a Covid-19 Response Plan. We will assess your workplace for compliance with the Government Protocol and guidelines, to ensure that your staff, customers, clients, and ultimately your business, are safe. This is now offered as standard with all of our Risk Surveys. If, however, you require a standalone assessment of compliance with the Protocol, and readiness to return to work, we also offer this service. It is important to remember, while integrating Covid-19 prevention measures, not to introduce further risks. Risks continue to be all around us, and our obligations to our staff and customers have not changed because of the presence of the Coronavirus.

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