For Business

We are aware of the damage the claims culture in Ireland is causing to Irish businesses. Our liability risk surveys and assessments are a valuable tool for businesses and their Insurers. As well as preventing accidents, businesses present as more attractive and risk-aware, making them more attractive to Insurers, helping businesses negotiate more competitive premiums, and helping Insurers understand the risk presented. If an accident does occur, we help assess the validity of any potential claim arising in a neutral, unbiased manner. This assessment allows Insurers understand

By carrying out a detailed inspection of your premises and activities, looking for any risks posed (from slippery floors to slamming doors and from untrained staff to unergonomic workstations), we identify potential accidents, and advise on how to limit exposure to these. Some accidents are unpreventable, even unpredictable. Many others are entirely foreseeable. By having your business assessed by Business Minded, we can help to mitigate against incidents before they occur.

Common insurance claims against SMEs in Ireland include employee accidents, slipping accidents, tripping accidents, falls on stairs, injuries from doors, repetitive strain injury (or work-related musculoskeletal disorders), manual handling injury, occupational asthma. This list is non-exhaustive, and for every unique business, there are a unique range of problems, but also solutions.

For Insurers and Intermediaries

When considering taking on a new business liability risk, or reviewing the policy of a current renewal, we carry out a detailed inspection of the business’ premises and practices, looking for particular risks based on the business processes and activities, reviewing and describing these for the potential insurer!

We provide the potential insured with detailed questionnaires, inspect the premises as well as practices involved in the business’ activities, and assess any incident report forms and/or accident records, safety statements etc. to build a picture of the risks involved in the business. We draw upon a combination of our expertise, best practice guides, and relevant legislation to direct businesses towards affordable risk improvement measures. We employ Forensic Engineering techniques to assess a premises for key liability indicators.

Our report will detail all considered liability risks, allowing the insurer decide whether to accept this risk, and on what terms, generating a more confident and proactive management of your risk portfolio. We also assist Intermediaries fulfil their Service Level Agreements with clients in terms of periodic risk assessments of client premises and practices.

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