Minor Incidents and Near Misses

Minor incidents, the near misses and the lucky escapes – those phew! moments – at Business Minded, we pay heed when something serious nearly happens. The severity of any accident is often is a matter of chance. By ignoring near misses, underlying processes and circumstances are not investigated and improved upon. Next time, we might not be so lucky.

Forensic Engineering Services for Personal Injury Claims

In the event that a claim is made against your business, we thoroughly inspect alleged incidents, concisely conveying the technical findings in a comprehensive Forensic Engineering Report, and confidently present our evidence in Court or legal consultations. We also offer Neutral Forensic Engineering Services to Insurers who would benefit from an off-the-record, unbiased assessment of the circumstances and liability appraisal by a Forensic Engineer.

When an accident occurs, no matter how minor it seems, we can help with:

  • Incident analysis, investigation and documentation
  • Risk management to prevent it (or something more serious) happening again
  • Claims Investigation, where legal proceedings do arise.

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