Minor Incidents and Near Misses

Minor incidents, the near misses and the lucky escapes – those phew! moments – we must pay heed when something serious very nearly happened. An incident that could have caused personal injury, but luckily did not, must always be investigated with the same rigour as a more serious incident. The severity of any accident is often is a matter of chance. If these near misses are ignored, the underlying processes and circumstances will not be investigated and improved upon – we can help understand the causes of these, and prevent them from becoming something more serious next time.

Forensic Engineering Services for Personal Injury Claims

In the event that a claim is made against your business, or that of your client, we competently carry out thorough inspections investigating alleged incidents, concisely convey the technical findings in a comprehensive Forensic Engineering Report, and confidently present our evidence in Court or legal consultations. We also offer Neutral Forensic Engineering Services to Insurers who would benefit from an off-the-record, unbiased assessment of the circumstances and liability appraisal by a Forensic Engineer.

As an employer and business owner, there is a responsibility to report injuries incurred at work to the HSA, and any incidents which may give rise to a claim to your insurer. Business owners should contact Business Minded as soon as possible once the authorities have been notified of a serious incident, or on the occasion of a near miss.

When an accident occurs, no matter how minor it seems, we can help with:

  • Incident analysis, investigation and documentation
  • Risk management to prevent it (or something more serious) happening again
  • Claims Investigation, where legal proceedings do arise.

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