Business Minded was founded by Galway-based Forensic Engineer, Rebecca Mooney. Rebecca’s academic background is a unique combination of Environmental Policy, Forensic Engineering, Health and Safety, and Insurance. In establishing Business Minded in 2020, Rebecca combined these skills with her experience working with Insurers and their legal teams to defend personal injury claims made against their customers.

Today, Business Minded aims to provide Accident Prevention and Accident Investigation Services to Businesses and Insurers, nationwide. In establishing Business Minded, Rebecca’s aim was to prevent the accidents which lead to the headache of personal injury claims against businesses, and, to help insurance companies, intermediaries, and the businesses they insure, understand the risk of an accident occurring on the premises.

We work directly with businesses, by assessing their premises and business practices, highlighting hazards and risks, and the elimination of these where practicable. Such an exercise can greatly improve your company’s insurability and reduce the risk of accidents on the premises.

Our clients include leading insurance companies, local authorities, state companies, liability adjusters, insurance brokers and other insurance intermediaries, as well as private industrial and commercial companies providing services including (but by no means limited to) retail and financial , the arts and community, food and hospitality, professional services, health beauty and fitness, manufacture and repair, entertainment, childcare and healthcare.

We cannot, and do not claim to, eliminate all risk posed by businesses. But we work tirelessly in reducing these risks (in size and number) by focusing on risk identification, management and control. We strongly believe that every accident prevented is a claim not made, a business that can continue trading, a person not injured. In short, we want to help you to #mindyourownbusiness!