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We are Neutral Forensic Engineers and Liability Risk Surveyors who help both businesses and insurers understand and minimise the risks associated with their business activities.

As Forensic Engineers, we have a wealth of experience of the type of accidents which give rise to the most common personal injury claims, and how to identify these before they occur. Afterall, prevention is better than claims!

And where accidents and minor incidents do occur, we are here to get to the bottom of what caused them to prevent them from recurring.

Meet Rebecca

After almost a decade working as a Forensic Engineer for Insurance Companies defending personal injury claims against their client businesses, Rebecca decided to add to her experience as a Forensic Engineer (MSc Forensic Engineering) with an Insurance Professional (APA) qualification.

This experience allows us to help Businesses understand the risk that their business activities pose, and why, sometimes, their businesses are having trouble getting insurance cover. It also allows Insurers to understand the risk posed by the potential or existing client business, and the measures undertaken to understand and minimise this risk.

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